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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 10, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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what they're calling the big snowicane of 2013. >> part blizzard, part hurricane. hurricane-force winds and ginger doing what she loves this morning. also coming up on the eve of the grammy awards, nearly four years to the day after he assaulted his girlfriend rihanna, chris brown in trouble again. coming up, how he totaled his porsche overnight and the role the paparazzi may have played in this accident. >> headlines just don't end for him. for us girls ain't no mountain high enough. ginger and myself. we jumped, raced and now we're climbing. freezing temperatures couldn't stop us from attempting an icy, dangerous climb up mt. washington. dan and ron wouldn't come along so the girls braved it all alone for "gma." >> i mean, just for the record, ron and i not invited. we'll tell you about it coming up later. speaking of ginger, though, take a look at this amazing satellite picture of the blizzard of 2013.
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you can see why this snowstorm paralyzed some of the most heavily populated areas of this country. the stats are coming in, and they are very impressive. the worst hit town, hamden, connecticut, where they got an astonishing 40 inches. it was a record breaker in portland, maine. a place used to snowstorms. they got nearly 32 inches from this one. and to give you a sense of the power of this storm, the winds were as strong as a category 1 hurricane with gusts up to 83 miles an hour on the cape. that's cape cod. and speaking of massachusetts, that's where meteorologist ginger zee is this morning. she is in boston. hey, ginger, good morning. >> good morning to you, dan. boston was one of the areas hardest hit and record-making here. it was the fifth largest snowfall on record in weather history in boston. and it's not just the snow and wind i was concerned about this morning. that's gone. it's the cold temperatures. look how cold it is for a lot of these cities that you were just talking about, more than 350,000 still without power. and the numbers not pretty as we go into day two of digging out.
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at its peak, it was a turbulent tempest. demolishing seawalls in new hampshire, sending the ocean into massachusetts homes and forcing people and their belongings out. the nor'easter that immobilized more than 40 million americans this weekend is now off to sea, but its icy residue is feet deep. but it's everywhere. encasing cars and responsible for taking at least nine lives, two to carbon monoxide poisoning including a 12-year-old boy. >> i'm assuming the son got cold so the father told him to sit in the car, and then the next thing you know, the father started screaming he's not breathing. he's not breathing. >> the exhaust pipe had backed up with snow. coming out, it's obviously melted away the snow. but that's not always the case while the hidden dangers post-blizzard is starting a car and having carbon monoxide build up.
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today, mrs. more than 2,000 national guard troops in four states will making their rounds to help out. all-time record snowfall for portland, maine, of almost 32 inches to the fifth largest snowfall on record in boston. there's a lot more digging to do. even if you get two feet of snow, it can easily turn into four or five. the storm wasn't the best for business. so have you had a lot of customers? >> no, nothing today. >> reporter: but there was a blizzard victory when the national guard made it through the worst of the storm in worcester, massachusetts, and help the deliver this little lady, nolie. >> i guess new year's babies and stuff like that. mine is a blizzard baby. >> reporter: it's a weekend her parents and countless others will not soon forget. we have another blizzard to talk about. also tornadoes in parts of the country and a slight warm-up for the northeast. i'll have all of that in the national forecast, but for now we go to gio benitez, the latest and honorary member of the extreme team except we need to get him snow pants.
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he's in milford, connecticut. >> reporter: i know. i'm waiting for those snow pants. ginger, good morning. we are in front of a church here in milford, but clearly this sunday morning nobody is walking in here today, and that's because getting around town, as we found out, isn't easy. in the aftermath of the 2013 blizzard, so many cars were stuck in the snow, even we tried to help move them. that's the story across connecticut where at least five deaths are being blamed on the storm, and governor dan malloy is asking president obama for financial aid. >> i have filed a request with the president of the united states for an emergency declaration. this was a record-breaking storm throughout the state. >> reporter: at one point the storm forced every road in the state to shut down. even those with the right equipment had no place to go. here you are trying to dig yourself out. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: and you got stuck. >> i got stuck good. >> reporter: we made the slow
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journey from hartford, connecticut, to milford, which saw a whopping 38 inches in a town of 50,000. everything from the trash can, a doorway, a no parking sign all buried beneath the white stuff. jenny smith is trying to dig herself out. do you still like the snow? >> i do, but it's nice to look at. not nice to drive in or shovel. but to have a nice cup of cocoa. >> reporter: and it is still a mess here in connecticut. some 37,000 homes are still without power. dan, bianna? >> thank you, gio. he looks official with the abc news hat. i think he can join the extreme team. here's the latest on what's running and what's not the day after this blizzard. after airports in the northeast shut down friday afternoon with airlines canceling more than 5300 flights. all three major new york area airports have opened with limited service. in boston, logan opened one runway, and connecticut's bradley international airport
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has just re-opened this morning. >> and on the rails amtrak hopes to restore limited train service today between new york city and boston. most service is canceled throughout much of new england. commuter trains are on a limited schedule, and boston's famous "t" transit system shut down by the storm hopes to have service reopen for tomorrow's monday commute for work. >> big problem if they can't get it open. in new york, hundreds were stuck and highways have re-opened. one 26-mile stretch of the long island expressway still closed this morning, and the travel bans in massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island have now been lifted. >> millions of people have a huge headache facing them. that wraps up our storm coverage. we'll head out west for a surprise development in the case of former lapd officer christopher dorner. on the run after allegedly killing three people and putting much of the southwest on alert. the l.a. police chief has ordered a re-opening of the case that got him dismissed from the force. clayton sandell has the latest from the big bear lake, california, where the search is centered. good morning to you, clayton.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, bianna. there are still about 50 law enforcement officers searching the mountains in this area on the lookout for christopher dorner, and as you mentioned, they're trying a new tactic now to try to bring this week-long reign of terror to an end. >> we are coming together today to catch mr. dorner. >> reporter: overnight the lapd announced that the 2007 case that got christopher dorner fired from the department for allegedly lying is now being re-opened by the police chief. it was dorner's anger over that firing that apparently prompted his alleged rampage this week. but the l.a. police chief insists that has nothing to do with his decision to reinvestigate the case. >> i'm not doing this to appease him. i'm doing this so that the community has faith in what the police department does, and i'm going to -- i'm going to make a rigorous inspection to either validate or refute his claims. >> reporter: abc news has also learned that thursday a man
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claiming to be dorner called randall quan, the former police captain who represented dorner in his legal battle against the department. quan is the father of monica quan, an assistant basketball coach, who police say dorner shot to death last sunday along with her fiance, keith lawrence. four days later a man who identified himself as dorner called the grieving father to taunt him. according to a federal warrant, obtained by abc news, the man calling tells quan he is have done a better job protecting his daughter. at a game saturday players and fans paused for a moment of silence. dorner hasn't been seen since thursday when police say he shot three officers killing one. >> officer shot multiple times. >> we will look under every rock. we will look around every corner. >> reporter: in the mountains where dorner's burned-out truck was found with a broken axle and two ar-15 rifles still inside, heat-detecting helicopters are now searching a trail gone cold. and police tell us they are
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still guarding about 50 officers and their families that dorner threatened in that online manifesto. police also tell us they are beefing up the number of officers guarding tonight's l.a. -- tonight's grammy awards in los angeles. dan, bianna? >> still a stressful time in that part of the country. clayton, thank you. moving on now to politics, this morning the white house is lifting the veil a little bit on what the president is going to say tuesday night in his big state of the union address. let's bring in george stephanopoulos host of abc's "this week." good morning, sir. let's start with this extraordinary scene in chicago, the first lady michelle obama attending a funeral for a 15-year-old girl, hadiya pendleton, shot and killed not far from the obama family home. this is a girl who actually performed at the inauguration. the president sent a personal note to the family promising he will work hard to end the senseless violence. so what's the status of gun control legislation which we know you'll talk about the show? >> one thing you'll see him mention is hadiya in the state of the union tuesday night and you're going to have a whole
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bunch of democrats will bring victims of gun violence into the chamber, as guests tuesday including gabby giffords. right now, it appears a consensus is starting to develop over the idea of expanding universal background checks even if you buy one at gun shows where it will be more difficult for the president's agenda. it looks like the assault weapons ban is running into resistance even from democrats in the senate, and there will be a big fight over whether or not to limit those high-capacity gun magazines. i think that's where you'll see the focus of the fight going forward. >> the president is also going to be talking about taxes and looming across-the-board budget cuts. any sense of compromise before that sequester takes place? we are only weeks away. >> right now, no. you're right, it's coming march 1st. democrats will say there will have to be revenues to lift it. republicans saying no way, no how. most people in washington expect the sequester to kick in for at least some time. another deadline following and the government set to run out of money on march 27th that could force negotiations. you'll see the president discuss that. what he'll also do on tuesday is
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really start the focus back again on jobs and what that means for the middle class. the white house taking some criticism, but the president didn't talk enough about the economy in the inaugural. he will do it in the state of the union. >> we did bury the lead somewhat. there is a headline we haven't touched on. george stephanopoulos' birthday. happy birthday. >> i wanted you to keep that one quiet. i'm getting up there. >> 35th birthday. we can celebrate, right? >> he is not aging. george, thank you. happy birthday. by the way, george has a big show on his birthday including two powerhouse panels later on this morning coming up on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> all right, time to check in with ron claiborne for the developing stories this morning. >> it is, good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with a developing story, four people shot celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. it happened on jam-packed bourbon street and police released this video showing the alleged suspect in a crowd of people. two men and two women were wounded, one of the victims in critical condition. no arrests have been made and no
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word yet on a motive for the shooting. and more trouble for r&b singer chris brown. brown wrecked his porsche while he said he was trying to avoid overly aggressive paparazzi in beverly hills. here's abc's john schriffen. ♪ up up up >> reporter: the bad boy of r&b is back in the news this morning. chris brown crashed his porsche turbo into a wall in beverly hills. a rep for brown tells abc news brown was on his way to a charity event when he was cut off by two vehicles. the rep says "the occupants jumped out with cameras and aggressively approached his vehicle." that's when brown reportedly turned down an alley in an effort to escape was trapped by two more cars and then hit the wall. ♪ as long as you love my >> reporter: the crash eerily
7:13 am
similar to an accident involving justin bieber's ferrari last month. bieber's friend at the wheel had just been pulled over for speeding when a paparazzo died trying to snap a picture. ♪ just this week, aerosmith front man steven tyler urged hawaiian lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow celebrities to sue paparazzi who photograph or video them in an offensive way during private time. as for brown, neither he nor anybody else was hurt. but the crash does mark the end of a tough week for the singer. on wednesday, he appeared in a los angeles courtroom where prosecutors accused him of failing to complete his community service following the assault of his now on again girlfriend rihanna. the pop superstar stood by or, should we say, sat behind her man in court. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. and for the first time since boeing's 787 fleet of jets was grounded, the company carried out a test flight. of its troubled airliner. the plane was taken out of service three weeks ago following an emergency landing in boston and another in japan
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due to a battery problem. the plane spent more than 2 1/2 hours in the air. boeing said the flight was uneventful. more test flights will take place before the results are released. finally, ushering in the year of the snake, fireworks signaled the beginning of the lunar new year. millions of people in china and other asian countries celebrated the new cycle of the lunar calendar. people born in the year of the snake are said to be thoughtful and stylish and complex. i don't believe that stuff, but guess who was born in the year of the snake. >> ron claiborne. >> there you go. >> very stylish. >> and complex. >> emphasis on complex. thank you, sir. the stylish ron claiborne with the news. let's check the weather once again with the stylish ginger zee. ginger, good morning once again. >> hey, good morning, guys. yeah, around that -- that ron is really a snake, isn't he? let's get straight to the headlines. another one this morning being tornado warnings from the austin area through east texas and now that severe weather.
7:15 am
will head to the east. i want to show you who's included in the threat area today. it's not just heavy rain, but isolated tornadoes, large golf ball-size hail or even bigger and, of course, damaging winds possible. there were some damaging wind around dallas this morning. the next warning, a blizzard warning from northeast colorado all the way through minnesota. that's who has to be concerned as we go through the end of the weekend, start of the workweek, all of the snow, of course, the wind a big part of blizzards as we've learned in the last couple of days and all that snow in numbers there, above a half a foot in the hot pink color. this is a look at the national outlook, but for now that is the big picture. services, inc
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>> so you saw those numbers, 42 on tuesday here in boston. dan? >> hopefully it will melt everything. thank you, ginger, we appreciate it. the grammys, by the way, are tonight, but the party has already started, and abc's brandi hitt is in l.a. covering the story. brandi? >> reporter: good morning, dan. you know, there were definitely mixed emotions at last night's big celebration. last year whitney houston was supposed to attend this big pre-grammy party, but she never made it. ♪ this invitation only party is like a private concert. ♪ why do you play with my heart ♪ ♪ why do you play with my mind ♪ baby, baby, these tears i
7:17 am
can't hold inside ♪ >> the funniest thing about the clive davis party is like it's the craziest episode of "hollywood squares" you've ever seen. >> reporter: it's an eclectic mix of fashionable stars. >> i like when my wife dresses up like. >> reporter: a mix of movies, television and sports, as well. >> secretly i love to be a singer. >> reporter: guests are invited by legendary music executive clive davis and the recording academy whose president explained that the loss of whitney houston is still being felt. >> any time you lose someone in your family, it takes a long time to heal. >> reporter: she died one year ago on the day of this party that she was set to attend. >> she was the greatest contemporary singer of our lifetime. ♪ i heard it through the grapevine yeah ♪ >> reporter: they celebrated whitney's life and each other past midnight.
7:18 am
♪ yeah whoo >> reporter: hopefully with enough energy to spare for the big show tonight. now, i don't know about you, but i definitely want to hear magic johnson sing now. we are just hours away from the grammys, and last night we heard from some of the contenders by the lumineers and miguel. dan and bianna? >> one of my favorite nights of the year. i love the grammys. >> it's a great show. thanks, brandi. in new york city, the hotels are booked solid and not just with people who got stranded by the snowstorm. >> nope, some very high-profile pooches are taking over manhattan for the annual westminster kennel club dog show. and this year some new breeds are nipping at the heels of the competition. abc's tonya rivero is here to tell us more. hey, tonya. >> so fun. dog lovers are gearing up for the biggest show of the year, the westminster dog show. if you think the people are excited, just wait till you see the dogs. ♪ get ready, everyone. new york is about to go to the dogs. >> oh.
7:19 am
>> reporter: tomorrow, 2,700 tail waggers will begin competing for best in show. >> the westminster is like the oscars of the dog shows. it's an honor to be here whether you win or lose. >> reporter: the level of prep and pampering going on at the pennsylvania hotel would make any girl jealous. >> my job, to greet the two-legged and four-legged guests that come in for the show, hand out cookies, a treat for your dog and deal with the paparazzi. >> reporter: first the dogs work out. these pups are doing pilates, then a bath, before the blow-out and manicure. >> i have to totally bathe out his long feathering and everything and blow dry it straight. >> that's a good girl. >> reporter: judy davis keeps the doggie spa running smoothly. >> we go through in a course of a week, 100 bales of shavings. that's just the minor logistics. >> reporter: then these canine kings and princess pooches can
7:20 am
hit the paw mall for a little shopping and r&r before the big day. >> there we go. >> reporter: upholding this yearly tradition of purebred excellence. >> the winner of the sporting -- >> reporter: that began before the light bulb was invented. this year 187 breeds will compete for best in group tomorrow, then on tuesday, to take the crown from last year's top dog. >> best in show is -- the pekingese. >> malachy, the pekingese. >> it's a great event for everybody in the sport, anybody who loves dogs. >> that pekingese will be tough to beat. now, there are two new breeds competing this year. the treeing walker coonhound and the russell terrier. over 100 years ago when it began there were only six recognized breeds. now there are 177, dan and bianna. that's a lot of doggone competition. >> i've covered the show before. what i love is these people doing like ridiculous things, interviewing them while the dog is running on the treadmill and they take it completely seriously. >> they are dead serious about
7:21 am
this. >> dead serious. >> i love the doggie concierge. coming up on the broadcast, how a green bay packers cheerleaders is hitting back at her cyber bulliers, silencing the haters without uttering a single word. plus, taking a hike, the latest adventure for ginger and me, climbing mt. washington. attempting to make it to the top of the highest peak in the northeast. and snow dive. this guy strips down into the freezing cold. you'll have to wait till "fixation" to show you what's next. keep it here. i have no explanation for this. so we'll show you coming up on "fixation" on this sunday morning. go nowhere. ♪ party [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are choosing advil®. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout.
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waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. robin roberts is coming back to the show. >> oh, my god. >> welcome back, girlfriend. >> hi, robin. welcome back. ♪ yeah, she looks so good >> welcome back, robin. >> welcome back, robin. >> robin, i love you. glad bless you. >> we have missed you. >> we love you. >> hey, robin, welcome back. >> welcome back. >> all: welcome back, robin. >> oh.
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♪ what doesn't kill you makes ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ ♪ stand a little taller doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone ♪ daredevil ginger zee has proven time and again there's no risk we will she will not take. this time, however, she roped bianna into her high jinx into scaled the highest peak in the northeast in the dead of winter. what were they thinking? why did they do this? why did they not invite ron or me?
7:29 am
big pressing questions. answers coming up on "gma." later in this half hour. >> freezing. >> if you leave this one image in your mind, bianna is crying. ginger is doing yoga poses on the mountain. that's the difference between the two of us. but we did it. we survived. and you'll see the piece coming up. >> you're crying? >> just a little bit. tears of joy. good morning, everyone. i'm bianna golodryga alongside dan harris. it's sunday, february 10th. also this morning, making a splash in the snow. we'll show you a swimmer who gives a gold medal try to this truly chilling stunt. this is one thing that ginger and i will not be doing any time soon. i can tell you that for sure. >> all right, that's coming up in "fixation." but first the nfl cheerleader who tackled the internet fighting back against cyber bullies. it started with a facebook photo and violent comments about her looks on the internet, and as we said, she's fighting back. good morning, sir. >> good morning, dan. referees would call it a
7:30 am
personal foul. she calls it cyberbullying. now the former packers cheerleader who was made fun of her looks on a bears fan page hits back. here mean spirited picture got if you thousand likes. she's got a few hundred thousand views. no cheer, no pom-poms. just words over a powerful message, kaitlyn collins managing to deliver a simple and powerful message against cyber bullying. ♪ you raise me up >> reporter: she addresses her critics holding up written signs now gone viral. >> it's hard to brush it off your shoulders no matter how confident a person can seem, and appear, words hurt. >> reporter: she's talking about the hurt she felt after her packers cheerleader photo was up loaded to a bears facebook page. the caption, like if you agree, the packers have the worst cheerleaders in the nfl. it quickly attracted 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments, many downright cruel. doesn't get any uglier. truly an eyesore. another one calling her fugly. she knew she had to respond to her critics.
7:31 am
♪ >> what can i do and what can we all do to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: in her video, she said facebook to take down the post but the site found it did not qualify as bullying. but administrators eventually apologized to her, and now while the page is gone, she hopes her message of kindness and anti-bullying lives on. >> have a second thought before they type those nasty words or say those nasty words to somebody. you never know how it might -- how a person might take it. >> reporter: now, facebook issued a statement saying we are concerned about any abusive behavior and have made efforts to promote an environment where everyone on facebook can connect and share comfortably. now, important to point out among all the mean comments, there were quite a few bears fans who defended collins.
7:32 am
and she made sure to thank them. >> her push-back was brilliant. >> absolutely. she really turned the tables without having her blood pressure go up. >> she is a very pretty girl for the record. all right, john, thank you. let's check back in with ron for the other stories developing. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, back to the mountains for l.a. police searching for the ex-l.a. cop accused of killing three people in southern california. meanwhile, los angeles police chief is ordering a review of the disciplinary case that led to christopher dorner's dismissal. an emotional farewell to a young victim of gun violence in chicago killed in a park just days after performing for president obama on inauguration day. michelle obama was among the mourners attending the funeral for 15-year-old hadiya pendleton. her death further fueling the gun control debate. and actor steven seagal is helping to train members of joe arpaio's so-called posse in the hopes of preventing future school shootings. the training uses rellistic scenarios including a school with kids taking part.
7:33 am
finally, people in the streets of rio de janeiro. one of the biggest parties in brazil. lots of costumes, dancing, just parades, floats, just your typical day of carnival. time now for the weather and over to ginger zee in boston. ginger. >> good morning to you, ron. let's get a check of that big storm out in the west, and on the northern side you have the blizzard warnings. on the southern side the severe weather potential from east texas all the way through alabama, louisiana, arkansas, you're in there, and you have a shot of really heavy rain up to five inches possible in some places. and there are already flood watches and warnings in eight states. i'll leave you with a look across the nation going from the whole coast, the west coast a little cool behind there. los angele
7:34 am
>> this weather report brought to you by discover card, and, bianna, i cannot wait to see this mt. washington climb. >> i know, i just wish you were here to hold my hand through it. >> yeah, you've got some explaining to do for doing those yoga poses while she was crying. we'll talk about that after the break. coming up on "gma," living on the edge going along with ginger and bianna as they climb the coldest and highest mountain in the northeast. also ahead, michael phelps, he's not. instead of going for gold we'll show you a swimmer braving the blizzard to go for cold. that's coming up in "fixation." ♪ yeah yeah yeah cold. that's coming up in "fixation." ♪ yeah yeah yeah can get cash back -you i'm here to help you get the most bang-for-your-buck. it's a personalized thing from discover. it's easy, we won't try and sell you anything, and it's free. free? i want that. yeah you do! this guy is great. high-five through the phone!
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. bitter cold, ice and wind, that is not the forecast, but this time it's bianna and i's idea of a good time as we scale the tallest peak in the northeast. >> that's right. ginger and i geared up for a trek up new hampshire's mt. washington with an elevation of sometimes, you know, a girl's just got to live on the edge. after our 13,000-foot plunge to earth and hurtling 150 miles per
7:39 am
hour around a nascar track. >> great job. >> reporter: when my husband invited ginger and me along to climb mt. washington in the dead of winter, we figured what's a little hike up 6,288 feet of the world's worst weather? >> the combination of winds and fog, low visibility, snow, it can dish out an amazingly intense storm, and it can change dramatically. some 140 people have died on that mountain from falls, exposure, hypothermia. >> so, okay, i'm excited. i'm just glad we have a crack team of guides to get us mountain ready. >> this is almost guaranteed not to happen, but sliding on your back down the hill head first, get the ax above you. like this. >> when i'm sliding, i'll remember my tutorial and peter. you brought me here! having learned a few safety tricks, we got r&r at the mt. washington hotel and got a bright and early start determined to best the mountain.
7:40 am
>> whoo! >> reporter: let's not forget the summit is a place of power and treachery. near round the mt. washington observatory is staffed with volunteers who face winds over 100 miles per hour. temperatures well below zero. that isn't to say they don't love what they do turning armageddon-like cold into some fun experiments like freezing bubbles and making snow out of hot water. thankfully, luck and the warm sun was shining upon us as we set out along the path. >> whoo. >> reporter: and all of its beautiful scenery. >> after you. >> thank you. >> this is -- the easy part is over. >> reporter: from here on out, it was time to break out the crampons and the ice axes as we got into some serious climbing. >> whoo-hoo! >> reporter: so worth it as we
7:41 am
earn our first peek of the gorgeous view on this clear day. this is not a green screen behind us. it's all real, and after four hours of scrambling and huffing and puffing, my heart was pounding so hard, the microphone picked it up, not to mention braving those frigid temperatures. freezing. we finally get some good news from our guide, steve. >> all right, we're coming up to the final push here. >> oh, great. >> there we are. >> oh. >> before you get any ideas about the so-called home stretch, take a look at it from this angle. one last look at the ground we covered, hiking over five miles and ascending more than 4,000 feet. it was time to finish this thing. >> 6,288 feet. done. whoo! and while bianna headed in to warm up and thaw out, i couldn't wait to see the observatory myself.
7:42 am
heaven. it looks like it too with the clouds. see that. i love the observatory. >> exactly, the sling psychrometer. so we still make our measurements today the exact same way the observatory has for the past 80 years. >> and as you can see, we're at about 9 degrees right now. how is the hike? was it worth it? >> completely work it, which makes it all the better. a sling psychrometer. on top of that mountain. really my dream and i've got to say we weren't the only ones hiking, our producer and kenny behind my camera was with us. thanks everybody who hosted us on mt. washington. bianna, you rocked that climb. >> it was fantastic. so did you. i cried a little. we didn't include that in the piece nor did we include ginger doing the yoga poses. it was a little bit more difficult for me. for those wondering at home, we did not climb down. we took a snowcat down. it was only a climb up. >> i think well deserved. to take the snowcat down. a sling psychrometer. i can't even pronounce that. ginger, thank you very much. we'll be back in just a quick moment. coming up on "gma" who says you need to make snowmen with
7:43 am
snow. we're doing them inside, and our guys don't melt. that's coming up next. keep it here. ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ that's coming up next. keep it here. ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. and yes, i'm talking to you. mike here needs a "honey, i love you even more than the day we got married" necklace.
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the right amount of medicine every time. ♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ it's time for "fixation" where we comb the interweb and find you breaking news and bring it to you live. we're going to start with a corgi trying to get through the snow. his name is scooter. he was optimistic when he got in, then he went through a little bit of a head wind. oh, yeah. >> oh, no. >> here's the good news. he is able -- scooter is able to work his way out, as you can see. i'm not sure. he might have pulled a muscle in his back there. >> quick thinking. >> what do you got?
7:48 am
>> something similar, a human being played or trying to play in the snow. this is a guy -- i'm not sure exactly where, but somewhere in the snowicane area. strips down to his speedos and check it out. flat into the snow and then starts, well, trying to swim in the snow. not a good idea. i think he got a little bit cold. >> i don't think women would do this. only a man would do this. >> i just think there might have been a little -- >> yeah, on beer or something perhaps. partying before that. okay, well, you know, this year marks the 110th anniversary of the american international toy fair. >> i knew that. >> did you? >> yeah, sure. >> in commemoration of that, we want to bring in lego master builder, eric varszegi, who built this lego snowman. >> good to meet you. thanks for coming in. >> you are going to challenge us now? >> i built it last night and want to show you how to build your own snowman. >> we have all the parts here. >> you got all the parts, yep. >> how am i doing? >> so far so good. >> i'm not even sure where to start.
7:49 am
>> we're going to take this and put this on here. >> ours are not going to be as -- >> mine is kind of premade. >> the head. >> how long did it take you to do this one? >> i whipped this guy together in about three or four hours. >> okay, so i shouldn't be trying to do that in the little bit of time we have here. >> more practice, and we'll see what we can get for you. >> we'll take a quick break. when we come back, i promise you on my table we'll do something that looks a lot like this probably by just taking this one here. ng that looks a lot like this probably by just taking this one here. enough of just covering up signer ] my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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7:53 am
robin roberts is coming back to the show. >> oh, my god. >> welcome back, girlfriend. >> welcome back. >> all: welcome back, robin. >> robin, i love you, god bless you. >> welcome back, robin. >> hey, robin. >> welcome back. >> all: welcome back, robin!
7:54 am
>> all: welcome back, robin! well, guys, i don't want to well, guys, i don't want to make a big deal but during the break i did build this. >> very good. >> very nice. >> pretty awesome. eric from lego, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. >> look what ron made. >> just like building something, there's no wrong way to build a lego. >> no wrong way, but this is actually a better way than yours, just saying. >> lot of fun, guys. guess what, just ten days until robin roberts returns. we cannot wait to see her. the countdown is on. best news we've heard in a long time. >> thanks for watching "gma," everybody, say bye to ginger. >> zee.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, and welcome to "this week." >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> the state of our union. >> the bottom line is this, people, we got a lot of work to do. >> president obama takes the stage. how will congress respond? >> washington has to deal with its spending problem. i've had enough of it.
7:59 am
>> plus -- >> please remove that woman. >> -- drone war drama. a new civil war in the gop. ♪ california >> and when have you heard presidential prospects talk like this? >> they were probably more insightful. >> i'm probably the healthiest fat guy you've seen in your life. >> we take on all the week's politics right now. hello again. here in the northeast, we are still digging out from that massive blizzard. new york, spared the worst. more than three feet in parts of connecticut and massachusetts. 40 million people affected. over 350,000 homes without power. abc news will keep an eye on that all day long, and right here we're grateful that everyone on the powerhouse roundtable able to make it in. planes, trains and aubs through the storm. we have a packed week of politics around the table. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl, republican strategist nicolle


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